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A few days ago, World of Warcraft version 8.3 was officially launched. One of the new gameplays, "Stunning Phantom", surprises players. The "Phantom Phantom", which is called the big phantom, is one of the core gameplay of the new version. The new challenge, along with the players' requirements for upgrading the cloak level, the big illusion has become a place that Warcraft players must go. To challenge the big illusion more efficiently, not only need enough Cheap WOW Classic Gold. Weapons and equipment also need clear and effective route planning in order to get more benefits before the sanity value is exhausted.

Pioneer players have tried and shared the route of Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall. Let's take a look at the "landscape" along this route and gain some experience for your own illusion challenge Right.

Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall This route focuses on the third-level area on the right, the Valley of Honor Lexar. After entering the door, players need to respond quickly and choose to jump to the Saar room, which is to clear the monsters in front of the BOSS door in the main area, then walk along the auction house all the way to the intersection, open the door and enter the second level area on the right. There is not much blood in the gatekeeper here, you can directly take out the mobs in cooperation with the outbreak, and then remember to talk to the orc Garona to open the mission goal: open 5 doors.

After receiving the mission, clean up the door monsters in turn and open the door. This is not difficult. After that, you will see the small boss after all the doors are opened. After solving the small boss, the boss in this area will be activated, cooperate with the outbreak and the McCacon red card, It is possible to quickly resolve the battle and go to the Valley of Honor in the 3rd level. The Honor Valley affix needs to avoid the fan-shaped black water that is cast in stages, and then you can find the BOSS Rexar with a number of wild boars. Lexar itself seems to have stun skills. With a set of explosions, Lexar can lose his life. After that, he can choose the fighting method. The core is to kill the body faster to save time.

After knocking out Lexar, interacting with this teleporter can quickly return to the main area doorway without any impact. The next step is the second level zone on the left. From the main zone to the second level zone on the left, pay attention to the direction. The left entrance and the right entrance, do not run in the opposite direction. The second area on the left is mainly to save people. Remember to detonate the bomb in the yellow circle after the fight. Entering the BOSS battle in this area, the BOSS will intermittently cast the silence skill. You need to eat the light ball shown in the red circle as soon as possible to unlock the silence. This number of light balls corresponds to the number of challengers. This BOSS is not difficult to see at present. Because of the limitation of sane value, you must pay attention to the time consuming. After you quickly kill it, you can choose to return to the main area quickly to solve the main area BOSS sal. Thrall BOSS battle is not difficult. Pay attention to avoiding the position. As far as the current information is concerned, it can be easily solved.

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The humans in World of Warcraft usually are not "sapiens" in real life. These humans are descendants from the "variation" with the Vrykul. The basic evolutionary process is: Steel Vrykul-Flesh Vykul-Vrykul (human) after its size becomes smaller. Regardless with the early CG from the chaos and the CG found by MOP, the orcs and humans are hand-to-hand combat, plus the humans of MOP have no armor to make use of, and also the two sides are fighting hand-to-hand without technology bonus. Already. Therefore, there exists really no huge advantage for orcs to combat one-on-one with humans.

In World of Warcraft, horses less complicated larger than wolves, and power is usually much larger. Orcs are stronger and heavier than ordinary humans. For speed (or why they ride wolves), weather resistant let the wolf cavalry not wear armor. The wolf cavalry's machete is powerful, flexible and seriously insufficient, in order that it cannot effectively handle a large number of enemies or human cavalry, therefore, the wolf cavalry can't beat the knight.

There are nevertheless differences between human races and orcs. Humans appear to be farming nations with magic blessings. Orcs are nomads with primitive beliefs. From the Warcraft game alone, needless to say, the wolf rider certainly can't fight the reloaded knights, nevertheless it fights for maneuverability and initiative, to ensure that with a durable aura, accelerate the reel, current addition of WOW Classic Gold For Sale, the predatory wolf rise If you ride up, the Terran Knight are going to be vulnerable and can't catch up.

The humans and orcs in Blizzard's novels and CG games are simply mutually restrictive. At the beginning in the rule of chaos, the infantry singled out the orc can also be comparable in strength. In the game, a big G can crush an infantry. From Warcraft III to World of Warcraft's current version 8.0, the conflict between orcs and humans is mutual restraint without external interference. The story within the battlefield within the story novel can also be similar. The humans in Warcraft are certainly strong. In the early years, the rapids plus the elves destroyed the trolls. The old tribe beat a storm city. Before King Lane died, the previous tribe of storm city was tough to compete .

The Kul Tila everyone has appeared in Warcraft III. Jaina with the exceptional father are Kul Tila people. Humans can take on orcs his or her strengths offer a similar experience, and neither side features a big advantage. The Kuren were born in Warcraft III, and also the seven human kingdoms are exactly the same. The game gave the Kuren an exclusive model to tell apart the regions. The Kuren can grow so large, as well as the humans in Stormwind can also be growing. The population, World of Warcraft Classic Gold, 's all gameplay. This is for balance. The average human dimensions are definitely not as well as the orcs, but World of Warcraft is usually a magical world, and size won't represent power. Body dimensions are not the just like physique. Warcraft isn't going to follow the theory the larger your body size the simple truth is, the more the power. Early inside the third amount of Warcraft is placed to play an orc with 3 humans. In the world of warcraft, an orc is becoming about a human, as well as the two races are equal.


Benefits of Garrison Gold Revenue

Players can gather a series of followers in the garrison and use the factors of the task table system to obtain multiple gold gains from the task. These missions are time-limited and require no effort from players other than choosing followers, and add-ons can do this for you. Other than that, they just have to wait and WOW Classic Gold For Sale will roll in.

Some people are like robbers on it. For those who build this system across multiple roles, hundreds of thousands of gold coins have become the standard. In a way, this is terrible. Being penniless in an MMO game is awful and easy to get money, which means they can buy mounts and other goodies that they couldn't afford before.

Better character models

Thankfully, the character model update is finally here. Except for blood elves, the rest of the system characters must wait until patch 6.1. The player character model looks pretty rough ten years after the game's release. It's time to update.

The results of the model update were mixed, mainly because some of the updated characters were far from their original models. In response, Blizzard let players change the details in the system settings instead of spending money to change characters. Overall, the updated models and animations look more modern.


Pepe is the cutest character in WOD. Players can find her in the fortress and click the cute bird to sit on the player's head, ready to fight with them or whatever the player wants pepe to go with. He quickly became popular with players and continues to appear in subsequent updates.

Pepe's shape is very small, and the short body makes it look very cute. Pepe even has its own styling and specific functions.


World of Warcraft Virtual Race-Undead

Undead is an original virtual race name from the World of Warcraft game. Their leader is Sylvanas Windrunner.

Definition: This is a race

After breaking away from the tyrant rule of the Lich King, these apostate undead managed to retain their free will

And destroy everything that dares to be their enemy. These undead are called Forsaken, and they are loyal to their leader: Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee King. These dark warriors built a secret castle under the ruins of Lordaeron's original capital. A maze-like dark city is located deep underground in Tirisfal Glades, where all kinds of evil meet. Vanilla WOW Gold is where every player can't get around in the game. Proper use of Warcraft Gold can help you make rapid progress.

In this darkened kingdom, Sylvanas' royal pharmacists are working on a new devastating plague-a plague goal that will not only wipe out the undead Scourge they hate, but also destroy All humans. For their further dark purposes, the Forsaken formed an alliance with those simple and brutal races. For the new ally, the Forsaken will not have true loyalty. Their purpose is to trend other races of the tribe to confront their common enemy, the Lich King. No one knows where the path of revenge for these dead believers will go.

As the Scourge regiment swept across the northern kingdoms, countless creatures were coated with charcoal. The most terrible thing for them was not death, but standing up again after death. The soul was dominated by the Lich King and killed their former loved ones. . But the Lich King's power had a brief decline. At this moment, the former Elven Ranger General of Quel'Thalas, was resurrected by Sylvanas Windrunner, who was resurrected into the Banshee King. Rebellion. Although they failed to kill Arthas, the former slaves of these Scourges succeeded in regaining their independent deities and built a huge fortress undercity in the former capital of Lordaeron. The existence of cheap wow classic gold is very important for our players, it can help us avoid the boring and tired of planting gold, and the amount of gold given to each system task is very small. Now we can get a lot of the cheapest WOW Classic Gold For Sale in MMOWTS, and with the help of it, my level has risen quickly and the fighting power has become stronger!

After getting rid of the control of the Scourge, the undead sent a messenger to humanity first-but this messenger never returned, at this time they found that as a special race, they were regarded as enemies by almost every other race in the world . Under Sylvanas' leadership, these undead were renamed the Forsaken, and under the ruins of Lordaeron's former capital, they built a huge underground fortress, Undercity. "We are no longer part of the Scourge of the Undead. From now on, we are the forgotten. We have to find our way in this world, fear the demon king, and destroy all those who are in the way."-Silva Nas Windrunner.


World of Warcraft classic strong return, player enthusiasm is still there!

Years ago, Blizzard Games Company took advantage of World of Warcraft classics to create a wave of enthusiasm in the mmorpg world, so that the majority of gamers can truly and unforgettable to understand that MMORPG games can also achieve such excellent results. A blink of an eye has been flying for more than a decade, and World of Warcraft has undergone many major versions of change, the game screen has become more refined, and the strategy has become more interesting. But the essence of the game is always the same, and it has always been preserved in the evolution of countless versions.

    During the 2017 Game Carnival, Blizzard Games announced that the much-anticipated "World of Warcraft Classic" server has been put into use. After several years of preparation, these servers have been debugged and running smoothly, with the help of these servers. Their experience in the game will be further improved, for example, it can greatly slow down the game's delay, lower the packet loss rate, and the player can smoothly transition when switching servers without directly dropping the line as before. Since the Wrath of the Lich King, fans have been hoping that the game team will be able to set up more servers in the bottom layer of the game. And provide the original version as in 2004. But according to the game director, Blizzard will never be released at the Blizzcon 2013 conference!

After the success of the World of Warcraft classic game, a large number of games began to flood the various platforms of the network. The game was so popular that the official team was unexpected. Although the official game team has not officially announced the number of game servers, but as far as I am on the experience of playing on the server, it is safe to say that "World of Warcraft" is as lively as ever. Especially considering that the current client of the game is not lacking players. And the official is also for this version of the game continues to warm up for a few weeks, the game's activity has not decreased. Click on to buy World of Warcraft gold coins, let the glory continue in the game!

From the past to the present, from the tribe to the alliance.

At the beginning of this version, World of Warcraft brought the players back to the original version - Azeroth. The latter is equivalent to playing the role of the "World of Warcraft" game console, especially the 1.12 version. The game has always played a leading role in MMO games and has remained so far. Although many of the great features in World of Warcraft Classic still exist, they still can't stop the dazzling new features. At the same time, some of the bugs in the game, the imbalance also makes him look very kind. The action bar is once again full of abilities and talents. These skills and talents are stripped from the game in Pandiya Fog to attract casual gamers.

This alliance has been around for 15 years with World of Warcraft. In these days of playing World of Warcraft, I have encountered many examples of players helping each other. I saw that the Senior Guild helped their friends to cross the area full of enemies, and there were dangerous gimmicks waiting for them in front of the enemy. I saw players throwing WOW Classic Gold For Sale to completely strangers so they can acquire new skills, and in today's version, this is no longer the same thing. If World of Warcraft Classic has a layered system with live games, it will all change.

Wow of classic character introduction - mage

    Role introduction
    Only the most intelligent and disciplined apprentices can embark on the path of the Master. The mage's existing arcane is both powerful and dangerous, so it is only revealed to the most loyal practitioners. In order to avoid affecting the cast, the wizard only wears cloth, but they have magic shields and magic as extra protection. In order to prevent the enemy from approaching, the wizard can summon the flame spell to attack the distant target, causing a range of flames to erupt and burn the enemy.

    The wizards used mysterious spells to destroy their enemies. Although they use powerful offensive spells, the Master actually has a low armor defense, making them particularly vulnerable to close-range attacks. Smart sages use spells to limit their enemies to a certain distance or to control them in the right place.

    Remote damage
    Masters can consume mana and output a lot of damage at an alarming rate, even though they must be careful to exhaust their abilities.
    Spell range
    By summoning blizzards, flame storms, and magic blasts, the wizard can effectively attack many enemies at the same time.

    The mage can choose to control the battlefield in a variety of ways. He can freeze the enemy in place or turn them into helpless little animals.

    Remote transmission
    Masters have the ability to transfer themselves and their teammates across cities and can summon food and water for recovery.

    Career advantage: Ability to summon food and water, powerful range of attack magic, and can be transmitted to many places.
    Occupational Disadvantages: Monsters with high resistance to elements will encounter great difficulties, are very vulnerable in certain situations, are easily killed, and can only wear cloth.

    A strong profession has a weakness in the place where it is good. Every character is like this. There is no perfect character in the game, but we can use the props to reduce the weakness of a profession as much as possible. If the Master's transmission is speeded up under the bonus of Classic WOW Gold, and it is not afraid of external disturbances. Using WOW Classic Gold For Sale in the auxiliary game effect can greatly enhance your personal strength. For details, click ZZWOW to view the usage.

    Talent Ability: Talent: Arcane/Flame/Frost Talent is divided into "Frost", "Flame" and "Arcane" talents according to the different types of skills used by the Master. Frost is a long-distance output talent. This talented wizard can summon water elements and use various control skills. The crit effect after deep knot + ice gun (commonly known as biu) is very impressive, so it is also the most common PVP talent. . Flame is a kind of long-distance output talent. This talented mage mainly uses flame magic. Most of its skills are continuous and extensive, which can easily cause large-scale damage. But because of the many restrictions, such as a pair of smart hands and a set of high-end equipment, this talent only appears in high-end or special circumstances PVE and PVP activities. Arcane is a long-range output talent, this talented wizard uses the Arcane to quickly slow down the enemy and cause high damage. Because of the simplicity, it is a common PVE talent. Although the output basically requires only two skills to play super high, but the control of blue technology is the goal of a qualified Austrian law.

     The wizard can guide the blizzard, inflicting damage on the enemy and limiting the movement of the enemy. If the enemy tries to continue the attack, the wizard can narrow them down to a meek sheep in a blink of an eye. Powerful mages can even improve their skills and create arcane portals to help teammates enhance their intelligence and enable them to travel through the world.


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